Our experienced contractor can assess the damage onsite and recommend the most cost effective solution for protecting your home from further damage and costly rebuilding work.

Quality Pointing is an established, recommended business based in Manchester.

Established in 1978 Quality Pointers have become a trusted business dedicated to high standards of quality, integrity and trust.


After some time, weather and decay may cause voids in the joints between bricks, allowing water to get in between adjacent bricks. Water entering through breaks may cause serious damage. Repointing is, without a shadow of a doubt, a service that is necessary.

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If you have a brick-built building, chimney or even wall, there is no doubt that after some time it needs to be repaired. Bricks, like everything else, aren’t indestructible. Damage to them happens very often.

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As a company with a wide range of services, developed over many years, we protect bricks from damage. After a few years your brick-built house doesn’t look beautiful and clean. Imagine, that after only one call, and a couple of hours of our work, you can bring your bricks healthy glow back.

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