Pointing Specialists

We are specialist brickwork pointing and brickwork restoration company servicing Manchester, Stockport and Tameside.

Quality Pointing was established in 1978 and is located in Denton, Manchester. We specialise in pointing all masonry including but not limited to brickwork and stonework ,ground coverings such as flags, Indian stone, York stone and industrial blockwork.

Our styles of pointing range from original mortar to classic lime based mortar strap/block pointing and also contemporary mastic and coloured pointing, examples of which can be discussed to suit your masonry work and taste.

We also provide a specialist chemical cleaning facility to brickwork. Restoring your brick/stone to their original character and improving the image and weather durability with todays innovations in chemical protective additives and applications.

All our employees are fully trained and experienced in various aspects of building work, with a specialization to pointing.

Alongside providing a high quality finish we also follow core principles of being friendly and reliable which all starts with keeping a clean and tidy site, and a 100% health and safety record. No job is too small; we will carry out work ranging from a garden wall to detached houses, barns, churches and industrial building units. Our company works together to achieve success and recognise excellence.

In all masonry walls (brick, stone or block), the exposed face of the mortar joint is subject to gradual erosion due to rain, wind and wind-driven dust and grit. Frost attack also contributes to the breakdown of the material in the joints. Once the exposed face of the mortar has receded behind the outer wall face, the areas of the masonry become more vulnerable to erosion. At some point the joints become so worn that water can penetrate and saturate the wall. Causing various problems not least penetrating damp which can be recognized by water marks and/or mould patches inside.

Our experienced contractor can assess the damage onsite and recommend the most cost effective solution for protecting your home from further damage and costly rebuilding work.