Brick Repairing

We are specialist brickwork pointing and brickwork restoration company servicing Manchester, Stockport and Tameside.

Movement, weather damage or physical damage to brickwork can be fixed with ease while maintaining the original character of your brickwork.

Quality pointing employs time served bricklayers and we know our brickwork, let our experienced tradesmen identify the cause of the damaged brick and prevent the damage recurring.

We can remove damaged brick/stone from a variety of substrates and have a good standing with suppliers both local and further afield to ensure an exact match of the new brick to the existing, quality pointing can then match the colour of the pointing to suit mildly weathered pointing to ensure consistency of colour. Quality pointing aim to replace the damaged brick in as an inconspicuous way as possible.

When timber window frames are removed from pre 2000 houses, there is often insufficient load bearing on the brickwork above windows, this can lead to gaps in the mortar joints or visible 'stepped cracking' quality pointing can rectify this by inserting a building regulation specified steel lintel over the window opening to support the brickwork.

Brick Repairs